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Special Doors


Impressive solutions, even when it comes to special designs

Our extensive experience in the construction of sophisticated door systems makes us the ideal partner when it comes to individual and special doors. We provide you with innovative ideas, practical concepts and durable designs that are based on your personal ideas and wishes.

Take us at our word and contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Current project:  Facade sliding gate for Jakob Müller AG, Frick – W x H 13.8 m x 4.6 m

Our special sliding doors are a further development of the well-known SIROL sliding door systems from ROTH AG and are particularly suitable as a closure for very large areas on the outer facade of buildings. The sliding door leaves hang at the top on special support rails and are guided at the bottom on narrow floor guide rails. This system can also be used to open and close large sections of facades.
We produce special sliding gates for clear width of 6 – 30 m (and more) as well as for clear heights of 2 – 6 m.

Brochure special sliding doors FS-1200

Aesthetically integrated facade sliding gate and floor roller grille for a machine factory

Facade sliding gate closed

Drive unit facade sliding gate