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Sliding Doors


Description freestanding Sliding Doors

The free-standing sliding doors are our own further developments of the well-known ROTH AG sliding door systems and are particularly suitable as night closures for very large areas in open terrain. The sliding gate wings stand on double floor guide rails and run like train carriages on double carrying rollers. In this way, even larger barrier distances can be overcome without supports.

The free-standing sliding doors can be designed for a passage width of 6 – 30 m (and more) as well as for heights of 2 – 3.5 m.


  • Hauptbahnhof, Zürich
  • Diverse Liegenschaften



Sliding door as a night closure in Zurich main station

Sliding door of a private property

Manual sliding door in Zurich main station

Cantilever sliding door

Sliding door with two segments

Sliding door

Sliding door of an underground car park

Sliding door in Zurich main station