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Roll-up Fire Doors


Description SIROL Roll-up Fire Doors E 30 und EI 30

In-house development and production of the roll-up fire doors in the E 30 version with VKF approval no. 24971 and in the EI 30 version with VKF approval no. 24968, since 2003.
SIROL roll-up fire doors E 30 and EI 30 are suitable for all applications to protect against fire and smoke as a building closure. Our roll-up fire doors can be produced and installed in a clear width of 1 – 8 m and in a clear height of 0.6 – 3 m.

Main components of the basic design

  • Roller shutter curtain with double-walled steel lamellar profiles, filled with fire-resistant internal insulation
  • For the EI 30 design, an additional insulation curtain is required, which is rolled up together with the steel lamellas.
  • Upper tubular steel roller with roller bearings and bearing brackets
  • Lateral guide profiles U 80 x 75 x 80 mm, in steel or CNS
  • Drive unit: tubular motor, slip-on drive or sprocket drive, plus central control
  • In the absence of an emergency power supply, a special drive unit with fire protection fire protection control can be offered, so that the roll-up fire door can also close without power in case of fire.
  • Operation: Pushbutton switch and in case of fire by the fire alarm system


  • Hauptbahnhof, Zürich
  • UBS Hauptquartier Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich
  • Proctor & Gamble Hauptquartier, Petit Lancy, Genf
  • Chemie Hochhaus ETH, Zürich
  • Neues Fussballstadion Tuilière, Lausanne
  • Diverse Migros Märkte in der ganzen Schweiz
  • Diverse Denner Filialen
  • BIZ Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich, Basel
  • Johnson & Johnson, Basel
  • Johnson & Johnson, Gillette, Berlin
  • Spritzwerk Bühler, Zamberk, Tschechien



Roll-up fire door with interior insulation

Roll-up fire door EI 30

Roll-up fire door EI 30