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Ring Mesh Closures


Description Ring Mesh Closures SIROL RG 500

A new development from ROTH AG, installed already in various fields and for large projects since 2010. Especially suitable for extraordinary closures in shopping centers, airports, railway stations, restaurants and public areas.

Advantage of these night closures

The variable shaping of the floor plan, which also allows round and angular or completely closed shapes. In addition, larger dimensions of up to 50 m in length and up to 10 m in height can also be designed. For security closures, the ring mesh closures can also be delivered in the resistance class RC 2.

Main components of the basic design

  • Ring mesh curtain type Alphamesh: A ring mesh made of metal rings, Ø= 12 mm. Material: stainless steel, brass or copper.
  • Lower U-profile: size 120 x 100 x 120 mm, up to 200 x 140 x 200 mm, depending on the dimensions of the night closure. The ring mesh curtain is folded up in this lower end profile when the night closure is raised.
  • Upper U-profile or steel angle profile: upper supporting structure with a special fastening profile for the ring mesh curtain. This supporting profile is fixed to the ceiling by steel brackets.
  • Drive unit: electric motor drive with drive shaft and rope drums, plus central control unit. The end profile is pulled up with CNS steel cables.
  • Locking: Electromagnets in the floor keeps the end profile locked. If necessary, lateral guide profiles can also be fitted to meet the RC 2 security requirement.


  • Duty Free Shops Flughafen Stuttgart
  • Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon
  • Suva Rehaklinik, Bellikon
  • Einkaufszentrum Surseepark, Sursee
  • Bar Roche Club, Basel
  • Neues Polizei- und Justizzentrum, Zürich
  • Autobahnrasttätte My Stop A4, Affoltern
  • Archhöfe Mall, Winterthur
  • Kantonsspital, Stans
  • Stadtbibliothek Rathaus Brühl, Köln
  • Marine Restaurant Doha, Katar



Ring mesh closure  of a drugstore

Ring mesh closure  of a drugstore, lateral view

Ring mesh closure of a shopping center

Ring mesh closure of a shopping center,  right view

Video ring mesh night closure

Ring mesh closure sales island SUVA

Detail ring mesh

Ring mesh closure shopping mall