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Folding Doors


Description SIROL Folding Doors FT2 and FT4

The cantilever folding doors type SIROL FT2 and FT4 are own further developments of the well-known folding door systems and are suitable for various applications on buildings and in open terrain. Thanks to the ingenious pantograph mechanism at the top of the door leaves, the door system can be opened and closed automatically without any guide rails on the floor or ceiling.
The cantilever folding doors can be built in a clear width of 2 – 10 m, a clear height of 2 – 5 m.

Main components of the basic design

  • Lateral bearing supports or bearing yoke made of steel profiles RHS or HEA
  • Door wings: 2 – 4 door wing frames made of RHS profiles per side
  • Pantograph design at the top of the pivot axis of the supporting posts and at the pivot axes of the folding door wings
  • Special hinges with reinforcement on the supporting pillars and folding door wings
  • Drive with electric swing gate drives or hydraulic drives with hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic power unit
  • Operation: push-button switch, key switch, radio remote control, code switch, badge reader, radar motion detector etc.


Folding door

Folding door FT2

Folding door FT4