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Floor Roller Doors


Description Floor Roller Door SIROL VS 600

A roller door developed by ROTH AG that closes upwards from the floor and does not require a lintel structure. This floor roller door can be used for all projects where the closed area should be free to the top.
The floor roller door is lifted from the ground to a height of max. 4 m with an electric drive and laterally with a cable pull in each of the lateral guide profiles and can be lowered into the floor in a floor channel with a size of only 60 x 90 cm.

The floor roller doors can be manufactured in lengths of 1.2 – 8 m. The roller door curtain can be supplied with roller shutter slats, with a fiberglass reinforced PVC curtain or with a fine-mesh stainless steel mesh curtain.

The drive of the floor roller doors consists of an electric motor, a continuous drive shaft with 2 cable drums and a cable pull in each of the lateral guides. The operation is carried out via a central control and can be done with a radio remote control or any operating unit such as key switch, push button switch, card reader, code button etc.


  • Fabrikhallen General Electric, Birrfelden
  • Spritzwerk Bühler, Zamberk, Tschechien






Floor roller door

Floor roller door