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Boathouse Doors


Description SIROL Boathouse Doors

SIROL boathouse doors are a specialty of ROTH AG. In most cases, special roller shutter doors are used, with a lower roller grille section so that the roller shutter door profiles are not destroyed by strong waves.
Special designs such as lift gates or sectional doors from ROTH AG can also be used as boat house doors.

Main components of the basic design

  • Upper part made of single-walled or double-walled roller shutter slat profiles in aluminum. Surface natural anodised or coloured anodised.
  • Lower part made of a roller grille curtain type G or E in aluminum.
  • Reinforced side rail profiles in aluminum.
  • On top with tubular steel roller and drive unit with tubular motor for normal boathouse doors or chain motor drives for larger boathouse doors.
  • Operation via push-button switch or with radio remote control and handheld transmitter.









Boathouse door

Boathouse door

Boathouse door